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What? O.O (=])

What kind of Lady, makes you wanna hold her tight?
enjoy her warmth, her fragrance, her kisses, all night?
What kind of Lady, warms your heart, just with her picture?
makes you Wish, to God, that you, were her lover?
What kind of Lady, makes you wanna spend time, with her?
makes the thought, of Pleasuring, Delightful, if, it is her?
What kind of Lady, makes you feel like, for her Anything, you’ll Do?
a Diamond, of a Lady, and *Edit*, that’s You…X

A poem I wrote for Valentine’s Day 2010(another of my Favs)…

I learned, of your existence, from another person’s profile
you sang “*Edit*”, and won me over, in a short while…
Your beauty, your voice, and the way, that you sing
overwhelms me, *Edit*, to please you? like anything…
Not only, do I love your music, I love your vibe, as well
I’m fond, of your everything, I am under, your spell…
I think, of you *Edit* - enjoying, and loving you
and I long, for a chance, to be your Valentine, your boo…


The E3(2011)Special…(lol)

I wrote this poem for a Lady in response to her offering a prize for an E3 tweet or something(I forgot what “it” was exactly… o.O)…

*Edit*, do you know, what you do to me?

I watch You do Your thing, & it often moves me…

I-mean, You’re like Sony - Good Quality,

& I Enjoy lookin’ at You, as if I were, at HD…

(Oh Baby)

You’re Fun, like a good game, of Bad Company,

Cool, like the features, of the NGP,

Awesome, like a PlayStation TV…

You’re Just, plain, Loveable Sweetie… X

(Call me…*Sly Smile*)


Before, when I mentioned the NGP,

I meant the Vita, pardon me… =P


The Very First poem that I ever put online back in like ‘06…

(I originally did it in sentence form as it was posted as an “Ask *Edit*” question, which was the only way I could have communicated with her at the time…)

"Dear *Edit*:

I sincerely hope that you’re ok, & having a wonderful day,

I am requesting some advice from you today, advice regarding sending someone a communique.

She’s a Beautiful & Vibrant Lady, who hosts one of my Favorite shows on BET.

Having seen her do “her” show, appreciation & warm feelings in me have begun to grow.

I have since decided that I must communicate my thoughts to her, but I can’t at this time find a way to access her.

I can’t send her Flowers with Chocolate, & a Poem in a Card,

due to circumstances all but an email(or phone call)would be kinda hard.

So I searched this website Hoping to find her email address,

but sadly(so I felt), was met with no success.

Not wanting to give up I took a chance & made a request,

but I have not seen any response to it as yet.

*Edit* hoping that you understand the situation I’m trying to communicate to you,

Please advise me - if you were in my situation what would you do?

What do you think I should do?”


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